: 1 : Clean your board with acetone or other solvent to remove any grease.

: 2 : Lightly sand your kiteboard with fine sandpaper to improve the grip of the paint.

: 3 : Protect the fields of your kiteboard with masking tape.

: 4 : Paint your board using bomb paint with very high covering power.

: 5 : Leave to dry and pass a second paint layer if necessary.

: 6 : Once the paint is dry, sprinkle any excess paint or sag.

: 7 : Uses “POSCA”  pens to add some details to your board. You can mix with other painting techniques (as in the video) to decorate your board. Use acrylic paint for this.

: 8 : Applies a layer of varnish  in bomb for the finish and to protect your creation from external aggressions (sand, transport, …)

: 9 : Hop !  Well done! Go kiteboarding now! 🙂

Tips: Do not forget to protect yourself as much as possible by using gloves, mask, glasses … and do not forget to protect your environment by recycling all waste! 🙂

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