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To participate, it’s very simple, find the 7 differences between the illustrations below.

Indicate your answers in the comments.

(winners will be drawn at random from the correct answers)




The lucky winners are:

  1.  Sicard Jean-Charles
  2. Dall’occhio
  3. COSTER Stan

(Thank you all for your participation! Happy Holidays and good kite!)


Due to a computer graphics error, there were 8 possible differences. Here are the accepted answers:

– the wink on the snowboard has disappeared.
– The W in “Wind” in the title of the illustration has been inverted.
– 1 single slat instead of 2 on the Tiki
– the “goatee” of the tiki is not the same.
– 3 strokes on the breed board instead of 2 initially
– 1 palm leaf is attached when it is initially detached
-1 extra batten on the green inflatable kite
– the green kite is shocked more on the second illustration

Exceptionally, the display of comments is disabled so that you are not influenced from one answer to another.

You have until 18/12/2019 to enter, the winners of the contest will be announced a few days later;).

Good luck !

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